Composite Restorations are tooth colored fillings. This filling material is used to replace lost tooth structure, either due to decay or trauma, and still allow the teeth to look and feel like teeth! Composite filling material has advanced over the last 10 years, and can placed in the teeth and expected to last for a long time.

Placing composite in teeth is a very technique sensitive skill. If composite is not placed properly, it can easily fail or cause the tooth to be sensitive or have pain. Dr. Roth has extensive experience placing these restorations. There are many components that go into making a composite restoration being successful. These include:

  • Color matches the surrounding teeth
  • Contours look and feel great
  • Flossing contacts are tight (prevents food impaction between teeth)
  • Bite feels natural
  • No sensitivity to cold or biting

If your fillings don’t have all of the above characteristics, Dr. Roth can evaluate them and propose treatment recommendations to make them their best.