Dr. Roth knows how important it is to his patients that their teeth look their whitest. Whitening products are marketed everywhere, and it can be confusing to patients what product they should choose in order to whiten their teeth. Unfortunately, some over the counter products can actually hurt or damage teeth in order to whiten them.

The best way to whiten teeth safely, is to have custom trays fabricated for each patient. Specialized whitening gel only available by your dentist can be placed in the trays and inserted on the teeth. Dr. Roth dispenses one of the most advanced whitening gels on the market. The advantage of this gel is that it can whiten teeth while at the same time strengthen the teeth by releasing fluoride. In addition, this gel also has components to help reduce sensitivity that can occur during whitening.

For those patients who are interested in whitening their teeth, Dr. Roth will fabricate the custom trays and provide the initial whitening gel as a complementary service, provided they have good oral health.