The office is a brand new, state of the art facility. Located in a new building, Dr. Roth’s office has been designed from the ground up to meet the latest in dental technological advances. Everything has been designed to make the patient experience the best. The treatment rooms are designed to offer privacy so that the patient and doctor can speak in confidence. A private consult room is available to discuss treatment plans and financial arrangements if necessary.


Dr. Roth uses digital radiography for x-rays. This affords the least amount of radiation exposure while providing the highest quality images. To increase patient comfort, an extra-oral (outside of the mouth) panoramic x-ray is used for initial exams. Patients no longer are required to endure 20 painful x-rays during their initial visit or every 3-5 years as in the past. The panoramic x-ray uses advanced digital sensors minimizing radiation exposure. When closeup intra-oral x-rays are taken, a smooth and rounded x-ray sensor is used to maximize patient comfort.

Patient charting is also digital. Every room has a computer that is linked on a secure server to maximize efficiency. No longer can a chart be misplaced or misfiled. Access to the files requires authorized staff to use passwords, so in the event of a break-in, no patient data can be stolen.


Dr. Roth uses the most advanced system available for cleaning and sterilizing instruments. A centralized sterilization room is designed to eliminate cross contamination and insure instruments are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. A specialized dental instrument washer is used to thoroughly clean and disinfect all instruments to the highest standards. Only after this, are the instruments prepared for sterilization. Sterilization is achieved in an autoclave by using extreme heat and pressure to vaporize potential infectious bacteria, viruses and spores. Dr. Roth and his staff take pride in maintaining these standards. At anytime, just ask Dr. Roth or his staff to show you the sterilization room.

In addition to sterilization, Dr. Roth uses a highly advanced water filtration system to remove bacteria and harsh chemicals from the water. This centralized system then delivers the clean water to each dental treatment room. This system is displayed in the office. Just ask Dr. Roth or his staff how it works!

Massage Chairs & Ceiling TV’s

Every dental treatment room chair has a relaxing air pressure controlled massage feature to gently remove stress and tension from your back during treatment. Whether you are in for just a quick checkup or a long procedure, the massage feature will keep your muscles relaxed so your back doesn’t get sore. Also, to take your mind off dentistry, choose from an assortment of movies or TV shows to watch during your treatment. TV’s are conveniently located in the ceiling for your enjoyment. Dr. Roth even has noise canceling headphones to eliminate the dental sounds surrounding you.