Have Dental Insurance:

Dr. Roth accepts most dental insurance plans. If your insurance allows you to be able to choose your dentist, then your dental insurance will be billed directly by Dr. Roth, and you will only be responsible for your estimated co-payments. If you are not sure about your insurance benefits, simply call our office at 916-939-9999, and we will let you know if your insurance is billable by Dr. Roth.

Don’t Have Dental Insurance:

No insurance? No problem! Dr. Roth offers an exclusive in house ROTH Dental Plan. Dr. Roth understands that there are many individuals that don’t have access to dental insurance. He has developed the ROTH Dental Plan to help patients afford great dentistry. For only a $299 annual fee per individual, you will receive for an entire year,  2 professional cleanings, initial and periodic exams, and any needed x-rays. If any dental treatment is required, you will receive a 15% discount off the normal fee. For children 13 and under, the annual fee is only $249.